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Classic music, electronic

music, sound design film

score and composing.

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Welcome to the Audio-Taeuber-Project

The Audio-Taeuber-Project was found 2009. Music is a universal language, no one needs to explain music, you hear it and you resonate with it, or not... you like it, or not... it fits your mood, or not. Sound is a way of communication without words, even the universe is made of sound... matter is made of sound or better said frequencies. Everything you could hear, feel, touch or see is nothing else but frequency. Before I get too much into meta-physics... I love music and sound, this may be the ambient noise of a gentle stream of water, the birds tweeting or the vibrant sound of a grand piano, a designed sound of a synthesizer, the charming voice of a singer. I combine many styles and instruments, and my songs always express emotions or moods. Take a listen, and see for yourself.
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